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Backtagging: Yes, very much. If I am slow to get to something, don't hesitate to ping me for an explanation.
Threadhopping: Please ask all players involved first.
Fourthwalling: Sure. 
Offensive subjects: Not into non-con or any extreme kinks. Otherwise, no need for a trigger warning. Ha. Haaaa~


Hugging this character: It'd be weird. GO AHEAD.
Kissing this character: See above.
Fighting this character: Yes, it'd be fun! Details on his abilities are here
Injuring this character: If it serves some purpose, sure.
Killing this character: Ask first, but I'm more likely for it. He's not going to give up without a fight though.
Sex with this character: It's highly doubtful that he's interested. That said...
Shipping with this character: While he has a soft spot for animals and cares about his own family, he's not shown any romantic interest in anyone during his screen time. I personally am open to play out a ship, but keep it mind that it'd take a lot of time. I'm open to M/F and M/M.
Using telepathy/mind reading on this character: Go ahead! He's kind of a hard guy to read face to face. Generally, he's a level-headed individual who makes his own decisions with confidence and not really caring about most things. He joins a cause that involves opening a portal to let demons loose in the human world not because he bore any particular grudges against humanity, but because he thinks humanity is stupid. (See? Edgy...) 


Mar. 13th, 2017 01:22 am
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How am I doing with this teenage edgelord? IP logging is off and anon is turned on.


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